Standard II, Objective 3
a. Explain how cells divide from existing cells. (Next unit - ch. 10 Mitosis)
b. Describe cell theory and relate the nature of science to the development of cell theory (e.g., built upon previous knowledge, use of increasingly more sophisticated technology).
c. Describe how the transport of materials in and out of cells enables cells to maintain homeostasis (i.e., osmosis, diffusion, active transport).
d. Describe the relationship between the organelles in a cell and the functions of that cell.
e. Experiment with microorganisms and/or plants to investigate growth and reproduction.
Tuesday, October 8th
  • Notebook Check
  • Test on Unit 1 - work on corrections in class
  • Cell Parts Worksheet
Note - last day to turn in late work is Monday, October 14th!
Thursday, October 10th
  • VOD - "Tour of the Cell"
  • Gooch Video - Cell Parts
Monday, October 14th
  • Cell Signature exit quiz
  • Computer lab activity (bring headphones!)
Complete "Inside the cell" at the genetics science center
and on the back -
cell parts game is extra credit
Wednesday, October 16th
  • Complete the cell membrane model
Tuesday, October 22nd
  • Salmon Cell picture
  • Cell Transport Packet

Thursday, Oct. 24th
Tueday, October 29th

Thursday, October 31st

Monday, November 4th

homework: Study the study guide. Test Next TIme

Wednesday, Nov 6th
  • Test!!
  • Complete the Photosynthesis benefits from Reading an article

1 - cell worksheet with reflection (20 pts)
2 - Tour of the cell - with reflection (20 pts)
3 - Cell parts - Gooch Video - with reflection (20 pts)
4 - Salmon Cell picture (10 pts)
5. Surface Area to Volume Ratio Lab (20 pts)
6 - Diffusion Blues Lab (20 pts)
7. Biology Diffusion Lab (purple paper) (10 pts)
8. Cell Notes - with reflection (20 pts)
9. Cell Transport Notes - with reflection (20 pts)
10. Cell Microscope Lab (20 pts)
11. Study Guide (20 pts)