Standard lll, Objective 1:
a. Diagram and label the structure of the primary components of representative organs in animals (e.g., heart - muscle tissue, valves and chambers; lung - trachea, bronchial, alveoli; skin - layers, sweat glands, oil galnds, hair follicles; ovaries - ova, follicles, corpus luteum).
b. Describe the function of various organs (e.g. heart, lungs, skin).
c. Relate the structure of organs to the function of organs.
d. Compare the structure and function of organs in one organism to the structure and function of organs in another organism.
e. Research and report on technological developments related to organs.
Standard lll, Objective 2:
a. Relate the function of an organ to the function of an organ system.
b. Describe the structure and function of various organ systems (i.e., digestion, respiration, circulation, protection and support, nervous) and how these systems contribue to homeostasis of the organism.
c. Examine the relationships of organ systems within an organism (e.g., respiration to circulation) and describe the relationship of structure to function in the relationship.
d. Relate the tissues that make up organs to the structure and function of the organ.
e. Compare the structure and function of organ systems in one organism to the structure and function in another organism (e.g., chicken to sheep digestive system).
Friday, March 21st
Introduce Systems
Wednesday, March 26th
guest speaker - Scott Hopkins
Friday, March 28th
Skeletal System
Tuesday, April 1st
computer lab scheduled for Sage practice
Muscular System
Thursday, April 3rd
Respiratory System
Monday, April 7th
Circulatory System - "Walk the Heart"
sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, Microscope RBC Lab, Heart Rate Lab
Wednesday, April 9th
Computer Lab Homework:
Friday, April 11th
DNA extraction
Turn in Human Packet #1
Digestive System - science of appetite
Tuesday, April 22nd
Endocrine System
Thursday, April 24th
Integumentary System
Why you blush? -
Monday, April 28th
Reproductive System
We were all female -
Urinary System
Wednesday April 30th
Human Diagrams 1 and 2
Review Course Assignment 1 and 2 (15 Questions each) These are due on Friday if you do not finish in class.
Friday, May 2nd
Urinary System - (Lightweight exoskeleton Gives Paraplegics new legs)
Nervous System - how the brain works - The science of thought
Internet Activity - Homework
1. Digestive:
2. Endocrine:
3. Integumentary:
4. Reproductive:
5. Urinary:
6. Nervous:
Tuesday, May 6th
Thursday, May 8th
Monday, May 12th
Wednesday, May 14th
Friday, May 16th
create and animal
Tuesday, May 20th
Samoa video
Thursday, May 22nd
Tuesday, May 27th
Skeletal Eyewitness Video
Eyes of Nye - Antibiotics - Video Notes
Thursday, May 29th
Birds and Fish
Reptiles and Amphibians
Mammal Video
Death Trap Video
Monday, June 2nd
Yearbook day
Wednesday, May 4th
Last day of school