Tuesday, Feb 21st
Create your own Animal (written and drawing component)
homework: Create Your Own Animal

Thursday, Feb 23rd
Classification and Taxonomy
Notes with Reflection on each domain and kingdom
homework: Read Ch. 17

Monday, Feb 27th
Human Anatomy Systems

Wednesday, Feb 29th Parent-Teacher Conferences
Human Taxonomy Quiz
Chapter 18 Prokaryotic Organisms (bacteria), and Viruses
Taxonomy Review Signatures
homework: Read chapter 18

Monday, March 5th
Protists - Chapter 19
Fungi - Chapter 20
9 boxes Fungi and Protists
homework: Read Chapter 19, 20

Wednesday, March 7th
Computer Lab assignment in Biology Notebook
Study Guide Questions - due next time
homework: Study

Biology Notebook - 70 points
Taxonomy/Classification - with group trait reflection - 20 points
Humans with reflection - 20 pts
Ch. 18 - Bacteria and Viruses with reflection - 20 points
Computer Lab Activities - 10 points

Friday, March 9th
Test on Chapters 17-20
Ethnobotany Video - take and turn in notes - 10 facts