Wednesday, August 23rd
Objective: Students are able to communicate the main idea of The Tragedy of the Commons.
  • Post-it's: What is Environmental Science?
  • Disclosure
  • September activity snowbird
  • Lab Coats
  • Field Trip to So. Cal . . . What?
  • Tour the Room - Where is everything?
  • Get books from library
  • Handshake Namaste
  • Tragedy of the commons activity Part 1
  • Answer the Opinion Statements worksheet
  • Quotes 151 inspiring quotes
  • Tragedy of the Commons - read and answer the rest of the questions
Friday, August 25th
Objectives: Students will discuss the pros and cons of consumerism
  • Tragedy of the Commons Part 2
  • Opinion Statements in the hallway. 1-10 post in notes on the wall
  • Inspiring Quotes - in the hallway
  • Research Listmania - complete the paper
Tuesday, August 29th
  • Outside Solo activity
  • Discuss Listmania
  • Watch in class: The story of stuff - take notes on worksheet
Bring t-shirt

Thursday, August 31st
Parent meeting announcement (Thursday, September 7th at 7:00 PM tech atrium - optional So. Cal. trip).
Footprint calculator (not working) (next year?)
TAPPED - THE MOVIE (our first unit is Water)

Tuesday, September 5th
Objective: Students can discuss Environmental Laws in relationship to The Lorax.
Parent meeting announcement (Thursday, September 7th at 7:00 PM tech atrium - optional So. Cal. trip).
Tye-dye T-shirts
The lorax - the original
The lorax - conservatism
  • Extra credit for anyone that brings a hair dryer to class tomorrow (Thursday). It will help us complete a lab more swiftly.
  • Finish the Lorax packet including . . .
Read Truax: The Industry Responds. Answer the four questions on the worksheet.
Thursday, September 7th
Watch short 6 min video - come to class able to discuss - "Life of a T-shirt" - no write up is required. (this is a test - let's see if it works)

Footprint calculator
Ted Talk: Ray Anderson: The business logic of sustainability
2. Earth Day Network Footprint Calculator
3. National Geographic Human Footprint Interactive