Monday, March 12th
Objectives: Students can make connections between physiologic functions.
Students can describe both non-specific and specific defense mechanisms.
Ch. 43 - Immune System
  • Students can outline Cell mediated and Humoral Immuity
1. "Thermoregulation" (ch. 40.4)
2. "Positive and Negative Feedback Loops"
Wednesday, March 14th
Objectives: Students can determine blood type by using laboratory techniques.
Blood Lab
Specific Immunity review with lab partner
Describe and give examples of active/passive vs natural/induced immunity
Terms: vaccinations, allergies, non-specific immunity
  • "Response to External Environment" -
Friday, March 16th
Objectives: Students can recognize the names of the endocrine glands and describe the homeostasis of blood glucose levels.
Endocrine System Ch. 45
Blood glucose levels
Steroid (lipid soluble) and non-steroid (water soluble) hormones
Positive and negative feedback loops
Endocrine glands - recognize the names
  • Role of Phagocytes in Innate or Nonspecific Immunity. (click Khan, Biology);jsessionid=C9D751AB41D1773005DE434E3FB192CB
  • Bozeman Biology - Fight or Flight Response
Tuesday, March 20th
Objectives: Review the steps of the Sodium Potassium Pump. Students will be able to name and describe the functions of the neuron and explain the differences between myelinated and non-myelinated neurons.
Nervous system
Nervous system videos: - The science of thought - How the brain works
Why you blush -
Nervous system action potential activity
Sodium Potassium pump
Thursday, March 22th
Neuron/Nervous Quiz (multiple choice).
Review Action Potential and Na/K pump
Final check for test
  • ALL Guided notes and VOD's due on test day.
Monday, March 26th
Objectives: Students will be able to create a hypothesis concerning Animal Behavior and test it using appropriate lab techniques.
Test (next year 2018-19)
This year - 2017-18 - we will review. Test will be Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 28th
Objectives: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the Nervous, Endocrine and Immune System in a simulated test experience.
Curriculum Framework

Friday, March 30th


New Unit:


VOD Animal Behavior
Lab 11 Animal Behavior