Chapters - 15, 17Modules - 46-50; 56, 57, 58Wednesday, Feb 21Exam on Last Unit
Friday, Feb 23rd Recycle City - web-based learning
Air Pollution -
National Pollution Prevention Week.
By doing simple things, we all can STOP creating pollution in the first place. YOU can help prevent pollution at work and at home. Some simple ideas include:

Thursday, March 1st Objective: Students will be able to identify issues associated with plastic bag use.
5 min ted talk about Smog

bag it - waste generation

Water Pollution -

1. Utah pollution article - read, reflect and write.
2. Complete the questions for the video - and pick (from the back of the page) two of the 10 options to work on in your household.

Tuesday, March 6thAir Pollution - powerpoint - Ch. 15 (19 min) (17 min)

Solid Waste -

Thursday, March 8thBrine Shrimp ld 50 lab


Health Impacts of Pollution -

Monday, March 12th



Extra Stuff
Ch. 14 Water Pollution
Carolina: Quality of Natural Waters - Biological Factors Lab
Carolina: Quality of Natural Waters - Physical and Chemical Factors Lab
Carolina: Cultural Eutrophication and biodegradable Waste Kit (pg 384)
Wards: Oil-Degrading Microbes Lab Activity
Wards: Ecosystems in Distress: Oil spill Cleanup Lab Activity
Wards: Instant Water Quality Test Kit

Dead Zones are on Ch. 14 page 384
Instructions: Watch the following videos and take notes regarding Dead Zones.
Read the following article regarding Dead Zones. Use the AVID Article Summary Format to take notes on the this article.Enriching the Sea to DeathAVID Article Summary Format
Enriching the Sea to Death
AVID Article Summary Format

Ch. 15 Air Pollution and Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
Air pollution - dimming the sun video in my room
Carolina: Air Pollution and Vehicle Emissions Lab
Carolina: Acid Deposition Lab (pg. 419)
Carolina: Ocean Acidification Lab
Carolina: Wet scrubbers and Air Pollution Lab
Wards: Demonstrating Air Pollution Lab
Wards: What's Up with the Ozone?

Ch. 16 Waste Generation and Waste Disposal
Carolina: Wastewater Treatment Lab
Waste water treatment facility
TransJordan Landfill operation

FRQ - air pollution
Greenhouse activities
Car emission
Airborne particulates lab
study guide - air pollution etc.
Tropherspheric Ozone

I have lc50 aquatic toxicity kit - brine shirmp

air pollution kit

Chapter 15 - air pollution

Chapter 17 - Human Health

Tox Town - toxicity, choose an environment, chemicals, lead important because of flynt. internet activity

lung tissue pollution - coal miners human slides

Car emissions internet activity (in notebook from Nita)

Airborne particulates exam kit - last page from nita)

For other unit:
Waste Generation - Ch. 16
waste = food
Garbage mountain - 5 min. video
Trash free for 30 days - 5 minute video

Ocean pollution - Fishing/Pollution

plastics in the ocean - 3 min video

Garbage Mountain - 47 minutes
Final Chapter - Ch. 16 - notes
Pre-Test Video